Supervisor Clayton J. Barber 518-834-9042(O), 518 -565-9523(C)

Superintendent of Highways John Jay" Champine Jr. 518-834-9056/518-572-6493 (C)

Health Officer Richard L. Bremer 518-647-8164

Code Officer Gary Majewski 518-834-9042

Dog Control Officer Roger Lincoln (518)570-1908

Water Department David Winter 518-637-6753

Sole Assessor Shelley Davis 518-834-9041(O)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector Bruce L. Bourgeois, Jr. 518-834-9041(O) or 518-802-7797 Facebook page

hours Monday 6-8PM, Wed 7AM to noon and Sat 2-4PM

Town Justices

David A. Bashaw 518-834-9211

Andrew J. Russell 518-834-9211

Council Members

David P Gload

Richard J. Klages 518-834-4608(H)

Patrick "Bill" Mitchell

Police Department 518-834-9040

Fire Department 518-834-9053